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At Yarm Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic, we work towards resolving symptoms quickly as well as treating the underlying cause or source of pain. We offer a complete solution to the current injury and work towards preventing the recurrence of injury.

We are a team of experienced chartered physiotherapists with high quality patient care and personal goals is our number one priority.


All our staff are Chartered Physiotherapists and musculoskeletal specialist. Our kind of physiotherapy involves advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis methods. We use variety of hands-on treatments including different mobilisations and soft tissue techniques.

Sports Injuries

Working with our specialist physiotherapist, you will make a quick recovery and back to enjoying your sports and leisure activities. We also work on improving strength to prevent form reoccurrence of injuries.

Work Related Injuries

We also offer postural education, ergonomic advice and back care programme for you and your employees. This includes work-station assessments and advice on how to optimise your space to keep you most comfortable and productive.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used for fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain.

Customised Insoles and Braces

We provide innovative, customised 3d printed insoles, designed to gently reduce clinical symptoms and improve your sporting performance. A customised insole will help to realign foot structure and thereby reduce stress on the joints, leading to a reduction in symptoms.

MSK Injection Therapy

Injection therapy is an effective treatment for conditions such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or joint osteoarthritis or trigger finger. Steroid injections is an effective anti-inflammatory and pain relieving treatment directly to the joint or soft tissues

Biomechanical Screening

We offer 3D analysis of posture, spinal alignment, muscle imbalance, joint biomechanics and flexibility thorough an innovative technology. This includes gait analysis and sport specific screening for all age groups. We provide a customised exercise and behavioural change programme addressing these inefficiencies.

Personalised Corrective Exercise Solutions

We provide a personalised corrective exercise solution based on your structural or functional limitations as a result of your injury or post-operative care. We tailor the exercises to your needs, demands and preferences. This includes both sporting and non-sporting environment of all age groups.


If you are first time to the clinic (Initial Assessment and Treatment), please book for 60 minutes.


If you are for Follow-Up session, please book for 45 minutes.



If you are trying to book an appointment, please contact your chosen therapist who will book you in directly if an appointment is available.

Dr. Gok Kandasamy

+44 07923195962


Ms. Ayla Oatway

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Ms. Shauna Gatley

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Meet Our Team

Our High Skilled Team and Their Service will Transform Your Life

dr gok kandasamy yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic
Dr. Gok Kandasamy

Consultant Physiotherapist

Ms. Shauna Gatley

Sports Therapist

Ms. Ayla Oatway, BSc

Sports Therapist


Initial Assessment and Treatment (60 minutes)


Follow-Up Treatment (45 minutes)


Shockwave Therapy


Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (30 minutes)


Sports/Deep Tissue Massage (45 minutes)


Customised Insoles


Biomechanical Screening & Personalised Exercise Solution


Home Visit




yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


What our clients say
About us

“Gok was very knowledgeable and professional with his treatment. His physio skills really helped my issue and he has exceptional devices which aid to this. After a couple of sessions I felt a real benefit” Would definitely use again. – Marc Scott  (Secured a place on Team GB for this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. Represented Great Britain in the 5000 metres at the 2017 (London) and 2019 (Doha) World Athletics Championships. He is currently the British & European Record holder for the indoor 5000m (29/02/20) and the British Record Holder for the road 5k)

Marc Scott

  1. I went to Gok on a recommendation, as I had pain in my lower back. As a regular skydiving cameraman and basejumper, the opening shocks and stresses seemed to be giving me stiffness and discomfort. After two to three sessions this had reduced by 80% to 90%. I was not only treated but also given an exercise plan which relieved the pain on waking if felt. By the completion, pain and discomfort was completely relieved. On the rare occasions I can feel the original issue, the stretches and exercises offer almost immediate relief. Completely satisfied and would recommend Gok without hesitation to any sportsman or individual.

Darren Straford

Having been in significant discomfort with a lower back injury that showed no sign of improvement. I booked a session with Gok who quickly assessed my injury identifying the problem and following his advice I started to see improvements within just a couple of days and after a few more sessions I am now fully recovered. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gok to anyone else; his personable yet professional manner was very reassuring. My only regret is that I didn’t make an appointment sooner. Thank you Gok



First visit on the weekend and was very impressed, knowledgeable and got to the issue immediately. Would highly recommend.



Wow! Fantastic! Feel so much better already. Thanks Gok. Very nice man explained everything.



Gok is amazing. A very knowledgeable man.
He sorted my trapped nerve and only does as many sessions as needed.
Would highly recommend



Excellent service from a true professional. Would highly recommend.


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


aviva yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


cigna yarm sports and physiotherapy clinic


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