Upon arrival you will be received and asked to complete a patient registration and medical history form. It’s a good idea to arrive a little bit early for your first appointment. We will take your details, GP details, medical insurance information and ask for your consent for us to treat you at Yarm Sports and Physiotherapy Clinic. It is a good idea to bring a list of any medications and supplements you are taking and copies of any relevant documents like X-rays or scan reports.

During your first appointment, your physio will discuss your condition and listen to all your concerns. They may also ask about your sport, work, home and lifestyle to understand more about you.

Following the discussion, the therapist will do an initial examination, which includes numerous movement and orthopaedic tests to understand your pain and to establish the primary cause of the issue.

It is generally a good idea to wear loose and comfortable clothing, as long as we can see the spine or the area that is to be treated. Sometimes shorts or crop top may be appropriate to help with this. Please feel free to bring a family member or friend with you.

After assessment, your physiotherapist using appropriate treatment techniques will then treat you for your injury or problem. This may include manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, electrotherapy and acupuncture.

At the end of your session, any exercises and/or the best course of action for your treatment will be decided and planned by your physiotherapist and any need for further treatment will be discussed.

Please note, all children under the age of 16 require an adult with legal parental responsibility to be present throughout all consultations and treatments.